Family and Community

The Family unit is under threat in Ireland. Due to the high cost of living in this country, young people struggle to put themselves in a position where starting a family is possible.

Young couples who do have a child are hit with huge costs and many mothers are forced to return to work to make ends meet, and pay enormous childcare costs while not seeing their children.

Communities are drifting apart, young people are leaving for better opportunities in foreign countries or in large cities. Our high streets have been abandoned and slowly dying since the recession in 2008.

We have an aging population and a growing issue with appropriate care for our elderly. Many care homes are shutting down and the owners are housing asylum seekers instead as they The government is paying out huge incentives for them to do so – and they have fewer overheads.

This is an outrage.

We will provide incentives for parents to ensure they have state support to start a family. This may come in the form of a monthly payment or tax break for one of the parents to stay at home to mind their newborn rather than return to work.

Our policies on Cost of Living outline how we will drive down the costs of running a household in Ireland, reducing the pressure on both parents to return to work after having a child.

We will remove any government incentives that encourage care home operators to close down and switch to accommodating asylum seekers.

We will investigate new models of Later Living care – we are inspired by European models where the elderly live alongside childcare centers, allowing a mingling of both. As the old saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and we would like to see a return to a community-based system of care & support for both children and the elderly alike.

We look to strengthen our local villages and town centers by incentivising small business owners to set up independent shops. We’ll offer reduced business rates, energy credits, and grants to refurbish rundown retail units.

We want to see our brightest young people return home to set up coffee shops, florists, furniture shops, and design studios, bringing their skills back home and becoming part of the community again.

These people will take pride in their family, their community and their country. Farmers Alliance is determined to return power back to the communities and to families and away from Europe. This country was built on strong thriving local communities. We can no longer sit idly by and watch our families suffer and communities wither away due to EU policies and government mismanagement.

We are ready to stand for the people of Ireland, town & country alike.