Why Get Involved?

Joining the Farmers’ Alliance political party offers individuals a compelling opportunity to be part of a movement dedicated to transforming Ireland into a more prosperous, compassionate, and forward-thinking nation. Getting involved offers a unique opportunity to support the Farmers Alliance and actively participate in shaping the future of Ireland.

The Farmers Alliance depends on people like you to be active members, helping to spread the word and make a real change in our society.

How can you get involved?


Make a Donation

We’re gearing up for local elections, and we need your support to fund essential campaign materials like leaflets and posters.

Our candidates aren’t career politicians; they’re hardworking individuals feeling the squeeze of rising living costs. They’re passionate about making a difference in their communities and across Ireland.


Become a Candidate

If you want to make a real difference, why not apply to be a candidate in the upcoming local elections? Running a political campaign, serving in elected office, debating ideas, and working to achieve results for your local community can be stimulating and personally rewarding.


Help With Election Campaigns

It’s always a busy time and any help you can give, no matter how small, is always more than welcome



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Become a Member

Support Farmers Alliance by becoming a member

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Voting is so important, make sure you have your say. Check the register to ensure you are on it and able to vote. If not it’s easy to register online.

Our vision & mission
Our Land

We believe in responsible stewardship of our land and resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our People

We champion entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture, allied industries and urban enterprises, driving economic growth and prosperity.

Our Identity

We honour the rich traditions of Irish farming families and communities, preserving our cultural heritage. While acknowledging the importance of modernisation, we also recognise the value of preserving traditional practices and customs that contribute to the unique identity of both urban and rural areas in Ireland.