Who are Farmers Alliance?

If you share our vision and are interested in representing us in the next election, please reach out to us. Together, we can bring about positive change for Ireland.

Meet the founder

Liam McLaughlin

Liam McLaughlin

Liam is a sheep farmer from Donegal, who launched Farmers Alliance with the aim of creating a unified voice of the farming community and pushing back on the ever-increasing policies which are a threat to our livelihoods.

The group grew rapidly to over 20,000 members and in 2023, we were encouraged by many members to register as a political party, a process that we have now completed.

We look forward to contesting the Local, General and European Elections with a view to bringing sanity back to local council chambers, Dáil and Seanad Éireann and the European Parliament.

Join us in shaping Ireland’s future! Be the change you want to see.

Apply now to be a candidate for Farmers Alliance in the upcoming local elections and let your voice be heard.

We welcome potential candidates from all walks of life, from cities and towns, from country villages to rural communities.

If our policies resonate with you and you would like to make a difference in your local communities while representing Farmers Alliance, then please get in touch and we will explain the process for selection and the requirements for being a candidate.

Together, we can make a difference.

Ready to get involved?