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Farmers’ Alliance is a grass roots political party that is building a movement of farmers, rural and urban communities to bring about real and positive change for everyone in Ireland. We’re not just for farmers!

Liam McLaughlin

Meet the founder of Farmers’ Alliance

Liam McLaughlin is a sheep farmer from Donegal who launched Farmers’ Alliance with the aim of creating a unified voice of the farming community and pushing back on the ever-increasing policies, which are a threat to our livelihoods. The group grew rapidly to over 20,000 members and in 2023, we were encouraged by many members to register as a political party, a process that we have now completed. We look forward to contesting the Local, General and European Elections with a view to bringing sanity back to local council chambers, Dáil and Seanad Éireann and the European Parliament.


Real change for farmers, urban & rural communities and consumers

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Marke Dunne
Party Treasurer

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The EU Green Deal is casting a shadow on our farmers.

The EU Green Deal is casting a shadow on our farmers.

The European Union’s Green Deal has cast a looming shadow over the agricultural landscape, igniting concerns among Irish and EU farmers who remain skeptical about its purported benefits. While the Green Deal professes to champion environmental sustainability, farmers fear that its implementation will unleash a barrage of detrimental effects on their livelihoods and the future…

Public Consultation: Moving together draft strategy.

Public Consultation: Moving together draft strategy.

Draft Proposals: Measures to Reduce Car Usage in Ireland Welcome to the draft proposals from Eamon Ryan and the Department of Transport, which appear to be more focused on penalising car owners than on practical solutions for transportation. These measures, if implemented, will undoubtedly burden Irish citizens and communities, particularly those residing in rural areas….

Statement on the Referenda

Statement on the Referenda

2024 Care and Family Referenda We, at Farmers Alliance, are thrilled by the resounding rejection of the government’s proposed changes to the constitution, marking the highest percentage of “no” votes in any referendum in Irish history! It’s inspiring to witness ordinary people making their voices heard loud and clear, despite the overwhelming pressure from all…