Draft Proposals: Measures to Reduce Car Usage in Ireland

Welcome to the draft proposals from Eamon Ryan and the Department of Transport, which appear to be more focused on penalising car owners than on practical solutions for transportation. These measures, if implemented, will undoubtedly burden Irish citizens and communities, particularly those residing in rural areas.

Overview of Oppressive Measures:

  1. Increased Road Tax: Prepare to delve deeper into your pockets as road tax is set to skyrocket, placing an unfair financial burden on car owners.
  2. Higher Insurance Costs: Get ready to pay even more for insurance premiums, making car ownership increasingly unaffordable for the average individual.
  3. Fuel Price Hikes: Your trips to the petrol station will become even more painful as fuel prices are set to soar, making everyday travel an expensive ordeal.
  4. Elevated Vehicle Purchase Costs: Say goodbye to affordable car ownership, as the cost of buying vehicles is set to rise, making it harder for ordinary citizens to afford basic mobility.
  5. Clean Air Zones: Prepare to pay hefty charges for entering designated clean air zones, penalising car owners for simply driving in urban areas.
  6. Reduction of Parking Spaces: Finding parking in cities and towns will become an even bigger headache, as available spaces are set to dwindle, causing frustration for commuters and residents alike.
  7. End to Free Workplace Parking: Workers will feel the squeeze as free workplace parking becomes a thing of the past, adding yet another expense to the daily grind.
  8. Higher Costs for High Emission Vehicles: If you own a high emission vehicle, be prepared to pay the price, as punitive measures will make ownership increasingly costly.

Forced Urban Migration:

Under the guise of reducing car journeys, these proposals push for a forced migration from rural to urban areas. With increased taxes on rural land and stricter planning regulations, the government aims to make rural living even more difficult, forcing residents to abandon their way of life.

Imposing Higher Density Living:

The document advocates for cramming individuals into high-density areas, disregarding personal preferences and community needs. Rather than offering viable solutions, the government seeks to control where and how people live, further eroding personal freedoms.

Your Resistance Matters:

These proposals represent an oppressive overreach by the government, disproportionately impacting rural communities and ordinary citizens. We urge you to resist these measures and voice your opposition by completing the public consultation questionnaire linked below. Stand up for your rights and fight against this assault on the Irish car driver.

CONSULTATION FORM This is the form to fill in to give your opinion on these plans




FISCAL MEASURES They explain how they will force the reduction of car use by making driving inconvenient and unaffordable.