Farmers Alliance strongly feels the political environment in Ireland has been moving in a direction that seriously threatens the freedom our ancestors bled for, the family bonds that must be found in any Irish future worth fighting for, and the food that our abundant island is so perfectly suited to provide.

Farmers Alliance represents Irish people who reject tyrannical imposition, Irish people who want our children to flourish, and Irish people who wish to improve conditions in the agricultural and fishing sectors which can feed millions of people at home and abroad while enriching rural life.

While our primary focus is on preserving the farming & fishing industries we understand that as a political movement, there are many other issues affecting farmers and non-farmers alike. Farmers understand the lay of the land and laws of nature more than most, and we feel we are best suited to bring back common sense to Dail Eireann.

Below you will find our solutions to some of the key issues affecting Ireland. We will work tirelessly not just for the farming community, but for all citizens to return our great country back to a prosperous nation.



Farming is crucial to our food security. We are amongst the most sustainable producers of food in the world. A thriving farming sector is vital for the nation’s food security.


Farmers Alliance recognises that children are the obvious future of the Irish Nation and that a flourishing family is paramount to maximising the flourishing of the child.


Farmers Alliance believes that freedom of speech is the most important component of an Irish Nation that is free, peaceful, and prosperous.


We are amongst the most productive, sustainable, and humane farmers in the world -recognised globally for the quality of our products. We will not let Europe destroy our farming and fishing industries and jeopardise the nation’s food security… Read more


Our focus on tackling this problem will be on increasing supply. Reducing bottlenecks and red tape to get houses built. We will carry out a complete reform of the planning system. And we will remove the ability for individuals and small environmental activist NGOs to stall housing developments that are in the public interest… Read more


We will immediately restore border checks and rather than the current policy of ‘self-deportation’ we will track down and put those who have no right or claim to be here on the plane home. We will insist on airlines ensuring strict document checks both on departure and arrival in Ireland.. Read more.

Cost of Living

This problem requires a multi-pronged approach and overlaps with our strategy on Housing and Energy. We have outlined in our Energy strategy how we will increase the supply of reliable and affordable fuel. We have outlined how we will massively increase the supply of housing which will bring down the cost of buying and renting. We will eliminate petty carbon taxes to reduce the cost of fuel… Read More.


We need to investigate how the money is being spent at the HSE – why are we not getting value for money? We spend more per capita than almost every other country in Europe yet we are getting very little in return. Read More

Energy Security

We in Farmers’ Alliance advocate the protection of our national energy security and we strongly believe that energy security is critical to national security. We are supportive of the development of indigenous natural resources and of availing of the full diversity and energy sources including oil and gas and traditional fuels such as domestically harvested turf and timber… Read More.

National Sovereignty

The original idea of the EEC was sound and we are in favour of a customs and trade union with our European neighbours. However, the current incarnation is out of control. We will fight to reform the EU by resisting their dictates and demanding they return to the original idea of the EEC with absolute respect for the national sovereignty of member states. Read more.


We will provide incentives for parents to ensure they have state support to start a family. This may come in the form of a monthly payment or tax break for one of the parents to stay at home to mind their newborn rather than return to work. We will ensure there are adequate affordable options for elderly care… Read More

Freedom of Speech

We will immediately revoke the Hate Speech Bill if elected to power. We already have existing laws that deal with incitement to hatred so there is no need for this Bill. We believe in freedom of expression and freedom of thought. We hold dearly the rights of the individual and the rights of the citizenry… Read more.


We are a sovereign nation and as such we will not allow unelected international organisations to dictate to us our tax rates and jeopardise our economic standing. We will withdraw from the OECD agreement which removed our right to set our corporation tax rate. We will also work to encourage and support more small and medium-sized businesses to reduce our reliance on such multinationals … Read more.


We want to ensure that our children receive the best possible education and that we have enough teachers who are well-rewarded for carrying out this important goal. We want to incentivise businesses to take on more apprentices who play a crucial role in solving some of the biggest problems we face. We want to ensure our university students are being adequately prepared for a changing world. We will ensure they have adequate affordable accommodation so they can focus on their studies. We will work hard to ensure Ireland maintains its reputation as an innovative and highly educated workforce Read more.


We have a lot of respect for the work the Gardai do. We will help restore their morale by listening to their concerns and giving them the resources they need to do their job safely and effectively. We need to encourage more people to join the Gardai and make it an attractive place to work. We will invest in youth support in inner city areas to tackle growing disillusionment, boredom, and lack of purpose among young adults. We will increase community policing to breakdown barriers and increase trust among the people and the citizens… Read more.