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While our country has no doubt benefited from accession to the EU in 1973, it has come at a high cost. In recent years the original idea of the European Economic Community as a customs union and to promote trade has morphed into a huge bureaucratic machine that has implemented hundreds of directives and regulations without due process or debate in our Dail. As seen in the latest Derogation debacle, our Agriculture Minister is just following orders from Brussels – there is no negotiation.

We are extremely concerned about how Sustainability policies being implemented are jeopardising our food and energy security and driving up the cost of living. Further, we are completely against the trade agreements which the EU has implemented on our behalf including CETA and Mercosur which result in the cheap import of agricultural products from these countries which threaten the livelihoods of domestic farmers across the EU. These policies are often being pushed by large NGOs, multinationals and consultants with various agendas and financial interests in the policies they propose and promote.

Many people are unaware that the World Health Organisation is proposing to amend the International Health Regulations (IHR) and create a new Pandemic Treaty which will give them governing power over member nations. We believe this is an egregious power grab that, if accepted, will give them the power to declare pandemics, enforce lockdowns, restrict travel, control information online and demand billions in taxpayer funds to help them achieve their aims. The WHO showed their utter incompetence in the last pandemic, why should we hand over control to them in the future?

Farmers Alliance will seek to exit the WHO unless the entirety of the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the IHR are scrapped.

The original idea of the EEC was sound and we are in favour of a customs and trade union with our European neighbours. However, the current incarnation is out of control.

We will fight to reform the EU by resisting their dictates and demanding they return to the original idea of the EEC with absolute respect for the national sovereignty of member states.

We will carry out an extensive audit of all recently introduced and proposed Directives and Regulations coming from Europe and reject everyone that does not benefit the Irish people directly. We will push to renegotiate Mercosur and CETA.

We will put our citizens first. We have seen what happens with Collectivist ideologies in the past, and we will not partake in the EU’s move towards this end.