2024 Care and Family Referenda

We, at Farmers Alliance, are thrilled by the resounding rejection of the government’s proposed changes to the constitution, marking the highest percentage of “no” votes in any referendum in Irish history!

It’s inspiring to witness ordinary people making their voices heard loud and clear, despite the overwhelming pressure from all the main parties, well-funded NGOs, and the mainstream media advocating for “yes” votes.

This decisive vote signals that the government’s days are numbered. It’s evident that people are yearning for genuine change, seeking a government that truly represents them and addresses their everyday issues, pressures, and challenges.

As anticipated, the blame game has commenced, with parties previously aligned with the government now distancing themselves and pointing fingers at mistakes in the wording and the overall campaign. Others are alleging that the Irish electorate didn’t comprehend what they were voting for or blaming the mythical “far right” for the outcome.

The uncomfortable truth for the yes camp is that the people of Ireland saw through the attempt to erase mothers and the family unit from the constitution and evade responsibility for caring for the most vulnerable in society.

The electorate saw the gaslighting, the blatant lies, the manipulation, the withholding of information, and the attempts at emotional blackmail. This wasn’t just a rejection of constitutional changes; it was a resounding rejection of the current regime.

Let’s celebrate this victory for women, mothers, families, carers, the disabled, and democracy itself. Our voices demand to be heard and acted upon.

Farmers Alliance engaged with members of the Disabled Community and carers before deciding on what stance the party took, taking into account what the UNCRPD expects from us, as a political party.

Join us in advocating for the positive change our country so urgently needs! #FarmersAlliance #RealChangeForIreland