The housing crisis is profoundly impacting our nation, and this government has shown over the past decade that it is either unwilling or unable to address it.

As farmers, we feel the effects of this crisis as much as our urban counterparts. We are weary of witnessing our sons and daughters forced to emigrate because they cannot afford a simple roof over their heads as they begin their careers.

For those who choose to return home to establish roots in rural areas, obtaining planning permission has become a daunting challenge due to irrational planning policies.

The Green agenda has permeated local councils, resulting in significant reductions in approvals for family homes in rural communities.

Our approach to tackling this issue will focus on increasing the housing supply, eliminating bottlenecks, and streamlining the planning process through comprehensive reform.

We will revoke the ability of individuals and small environmental activist groups to obstruct housing developments that serve the public interest.

Additionally, we will empower the Land Development Agency to construct affordable homes for families on state-owned land, with priority given to Irish-born citizens.

Moreover, we will expand the permissible size of extensions without requiring planning permission to facilitate multi-generational living arrangements.

To expedite and reduce the cost of housing delivery, we will invest in and incentivise modular construction methods.

By implementing these measures, we aim to alleviate the housing crisis and ensure that every individual and family in Ireland has access to secure and affordable accommodation.