Ireland has become increasingly dependent on energy imports within the EU, largely due to governmental decisions to cease commercial peat harvesting and domestic turf cutting.

These actions have led to the closure of peat-fired power stations, alongside bans on offshore exploration and restrictions on new house chimneys.

The impact of energy costs is felt across various aspects of daily life and significantly affects production expenses.

We advocate for the protection of our national energy security, viewing it as essential to our overall national security.

We endorse the development of indigenous natural resources and the exploration of diverse energy sources, including oil, gas, and traditional fuels like domestically harvested turf and timber.

Additionally, we recognise the potential of hydroelectricity and other renewable energy sectors.

To bolster our energy security, we support the construction of a dedicated LNG plant to import gas from the US and other sources at competitive rates.

If necessary, we will explore the reactivation of coal stations.

Moreover, we are committed to maintaining close ties with the UK to secure favourable rates and prioritisation over other EU nations.

Furthermore, we will issue licenses for additional gas explorations in Irish waters to enhance our energy independence and ensure a stable and reliable energy supply for our nation.